Why We Have a False Perception of Integrity

When used to describe a person integrity becomes very subjective, in the sense that integrity in a person is directly related to who they are and what they value. As such, everyone can have a different version of what integrity means to them personally. The difference in perception of integrity being objective vs. subjective is paramount and is one of the reasons that integrity is severely lacking today. Integrity is much more who you are, than something you have. This is one of the reasons why I am working to re-introduce the word integrious as the adjective of integrity.

In examining this quote a little deeper, I have found a few other implications that might affect our perception of integrity.

This quote seems to imply that integrity is a black or white distinction, 0 or 100%. It is important to note that in a theoretical sense, integrity can be an absolute. Not as it applies to a person, but as it applies to an act in a single instance. It is pretty easy to deem a single action as integrious, such as when someone picks up money that was dropped and returns it to the rightful owner. But a person, their life, and their thousands upon thousands of actions cannot be summed up to an absolute ye or ne when it comes to integrity. Integrity as it applies to humanity is of course a relative attribute. Everyone has some degree of integrity.

No one is completely integrious, just as no one is completely unintegrious. Integrity is something one can learn, develop and strengthen over time. My experience is that it works this way more often than not. Life experience tends to be the best teacher of integrity. To some degree we all start out with a pure form of integrity as babies and small kids, then we start to lose it as certain influences, conditioning and events shape our minds and hearts growing up, and it is inevitable that we will grow apart from our purest and true self. This can happen in the teenage and young adult years and you see a lot of people that are able to finally reconnect with later in life.

Extracting a third component of implication from this quote is that integrity in a person can be judged by another. This is a dangerous connotation, as integrity is not and should not be a methodology for judging others. I believe that integrity has a lot to do with the relationship one has with oneself, and also an open mind and respect for other people’s values and beliefs. Granted, that again we know there are certain absolutes in a single act, but judging a person’s overall character is speculation at best. This quote, if taken too literally, can lend itself to a person that can falsely judge others and become arrogant. As you can imagine, the person who believes this quote may believe themselves to be inherently integrious and therefore might act in blindness to reality and truth because they have convinced themselves that whatever they do will be right and integrious.

Nail These and You’ll Be Good With Women Anywhere

For centuries now, trying to figure out what girls want has baffled tons of guys. The answer to this century-old question may surprise you, though. Keep reading to find out just what it is that girls want…

The main reason behind why guys can’t seem to figure girls out is actually quite simple: they do not understand the root of female desires when it comes to relationships. See, it merely has to do with the basic needs of a woman. If you find out what those are, you will have the ability to completely understand the female relationship psyche with ease.

First and foremost, you need to know what it is that girls DON’T want. Do not be surprised if you figure out that girls do not actually find looks all too important compared to character traits. If you compare this to the needs of the man, it might seem strange since we mainly choose our own partners on their physical attractiveness.

3 Things Girls Want Out Of Guys

1: The EMOTIONAL stimulation need. Girls want guys who can evoke their inner emotions, whether the emotions are happy or sad. On the flip side, guys generally get turned on by physical traits.

2: The UNDERSTANDING need. One big complaint that most girls have when it comes to guys is that they are always misunderstood. Now, it would be quite simple to understand girls. You simply have to pinpoint her emotional triggers and somehow fire them up.

3: The LOVING need. This would be the greatest need of all. How can you make a girl feel loved, though? It’s easy: show your love in the SMALLEST ways possible, like bringing her small gifts in the form of rose stalks or teddy bears when you plan on seeing her next.

After you fully understand what it is that girls want, you can use this knowledge to make them fall in love with you. One tactic you can use is “fractionation” – which is known to be able to make women fall in love in 15 minutes or even less. It uses simple conversational anchors to make a woman feel emotionally “connected” with you – in a way that she will feel sad when you are not around. Amazingly effective!

Make a Sound Decision When Joining The U.S. Marines

Educational Requirements To Join the Marines

To qualify for most jobs in the Marines, you need to have good math and reading skills and have your high school diploma in hand. If you have a GED, you’ll need a special waiver to admit you unless you have 15 hours of college credit under your belt. Formal education will help you do well on the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB), a standardized test that you have to take upon enlistment.

If you’d like to be an officer in the Marine Corps, you need a degree in any major from an accredited college or university. Entering the Marine Corps as an officer will put you on the equivalent to a management track in civilian life and offers you better pay and allowances than enlisted forces.

Age Requirements To Join the Marines

Joining the Marines is a young person’s game. The age parameters are between 17 and 29, but you’ll require a special waiver if you’re 17.

Physical Requirements To Join the Marines

Marine basic training is grueling, so if you want to join the Marines you’ll need to be in good shape and be able to pass a standard physical. Contrary to popular misconception, you do not need perfect vision but can wear glasses or contacts or have had laser surgery to correct any vision issues. If you’re colorblind, you may not qualify for certain jobs.